How is a Papasplatz bracelet made?

From the first idea to the finished design draft

Your feedback and our attention to detail create our new bracelets

It all starts with a new idea for a new family bracelet from Papasplatz. We always base our new designs on our current gift favorites and try to improve or reinvent them based on your feedback.

An example of this is the new magnetic clasp of this leather bracelet with engraved black name beads , here you have told us that the anchor clasp of its predecessor is a little harder to put on by yourself.

Everything starts with the first drawing

Before the workshop makes a first draft, our designer Kim creates a first idea in the form of a pencil drawing.

We discuss these ideas together and give feedback, present them to our most loyal customers and ask for their opinion, and with each round of feedback a new family bracelet from Papasplatz is created.

Then comes the technical stuff

If we are satisfied with the first draft, Kim creates a so-called technical sheet, here the dimensions are recorded with millimeter precision, the materials are described and the functionality is shown.

This technical sheet then ends up in our workshop where the materials are ordered and the molds for the individual stainless steel parts are made.

Using the technical sheet and our machines, the first draft of the bracelet is then made. Here we will discuss together again where there could be problems when wearing it, whether the closure is easy to use and whether the design could be improved.

Our most loyal customers also get to see the first draft and their feedback is particularly important to us here!

Then follow photos and then the start of sales

Our photographer then takes photos of the bracelet and then we start selling the first small limited edition.

The first quantities are usually sold out very quickly, which is why we send our existing customers an e-mail in advance with an exclusive right of first refusal for new designs.


A lot of creativity, effort and manual work goes into a new design, but we are very happy to invest all of this in order to enable you at the end of the day to give you a perfect, unique and individual gift for the best man and/or dad in the world.

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Hallo habe das Armband zum Geburtstag meines Mannes gekauft , er war seeeehr begeistert davon . Das einzige was ihn ein wenig stört ist , das die Ringe verrutschen wäre es möglich stopper für die Ringe herzustellen oder klipser die das verrutschen verhindern ? Eine Antwort von ihnen wäre sehr nett lg S.Pollhaus

S.Pollhaus May 22, 2023

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