This is how you find the right size for your Papasplatz bracelet

Step 1: Take a strip of paper or thread and wrap it tightly around your wrist or the wrist you are gifting.

Step 2: Note the beginning and end of the strip or thread, then use a ruler to measure the length. This is then your wrist circumference.

Step 3: Choose the right value from our size table:

Size overall length wrist circumference
19cm (small wrist) 20cm less closure 19cm from 14cm to 17cm
21cm (normal wrist) 22cm less clasp 21cm from 17 to 20cm
23cm (big wrist) 24cm less clasp 23cm from 20cm to 22cm

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Here are a few tips on how to estimate the right size. Please note that the choice of size depends on the person and that our information is not guaranteed.

More than 80% of the gentlemen who receive gifts wear our size 21cm. Rules of thumb: very slim men up to 1.80 meters wear our size "19cm (slim wrist)".

Athletic men between 1.75 and 1.90 meters wear our size "21cm (normal wrist)".

Very strong men tend to be "23cm (large wrist)".