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Size adjustment Papasplatz bracelet


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Note: For size adjustments the wrist band has to be sent in. In stock - arrives between July 25 and July 27

We recommend that you send the package as an insured shipment with proof (e.g. registered mail). This serves only as a security for you, in principle, we receive returns of any shipping method. Send the whole thing within 30 days to Papasplatz, Hafenstr. 20, 59067 Hamm, Germany
No, we do not issue these at the moment, the shipping to us you have to take over according to our agreed terms and conditions.
Please note with your return the proper customs clearance of your shipment. You can usually check with the logistics service of your choice in advance, we do not cover customs fees.
If you order the sizing today and ship the bracelet, we will return the bracelet to you within 10-14 days.

Bracelet Doesn't Fit Perfectly?

With our customisation service we will adjust the size of your bracelet individually for you. Please enter your desired size in the corresponding text field and order the item.


Note: You will also receive these instructions by email after purchase. Please send the bracelet to the address of our workshop after the payment process:

Papasplatz, Hafenstr. 20, 59067 Hamm, Germany

We will then adjust your bracelet accordingly and send it back to you within 10-14 days.

Engraving customization

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