The workshop of Papasplatz

Family bracelets that move to tears

At Papasplatz, we always seek the extraordinary. High-quality materials combined with brilliant engraving and striking timelessness.

With us, the journey to your unique family jewelry piece is the destination. In doing so, we do what we love best, which is working with our hands. The cutting, engraving, gluing, and packaging. For us, it's a special activity, and you can feel it.

Natural italian leather

Our natural Italian leather combines durability with a comfortably soft feel. Each leather strand is unique in its texture and color nuance, a symbol of authenticity.

Brilliant engraving

The centerpiece of our family bracelets is your individual engraving. Here, we invest in the most modern engraving techniques to ensure that the uniqueness and individuality of your jewelry piece are preserved for eternity.

Gift-ready packaging

We understand what makes a perfect gift experience. Therefore, all Papasplatz jewelry pieces come in a neutral outer packaging and include a high-quality jewelry box with your unique gift.