Our story, where love and jewelry connect

The idea of ​​Papasplatz and personalized men's jewelry with engraving began as a small personal gift idea in a hobby workshop. A leather bracelet, a couple of silver rings and a laser engraver and the first draft was ready.

"My dad was always on the road so much for work and I wanted to give him a personal and family piece of jewelery so that he would always carry us with him. In the usual online shops I could only have one or two lines engraved, but I wanted each family member to have their own place.

I sat down in my little hobby jewelry workshop and created the first draft of our bracelets." - Lanvy N.

More and more people asked about the homemade gift: “Where did you get the bracelet from?”, “Can you make me one too?”. What started as a service for friends and family gradually grew into the small Krefeld-based company that we are today.

" I followed my girlfriend's work with enthusiasm, I often thought to myself that every family man or husband would love such a family piece of jewellery.

When the demand from the environment got out of hand, we decided to found a small company." - Jannik F.

Today, in addition to Germany, we also sell to Austria, Switzerland and the USA. We are also represented on popular marketplaces for jewelry.

We would like to thank every single customer from the beginning to this day for making this exciting adventure of our own jewelry brand with great products possible for us.