Size adjustments: shorten or lengthen personalized bracelets

Size adjustments: shorten or lengthen bracelets

We'll help you make your bracelet the perfect fit

Ideally, you have ordered the right size directly, depending on the model, we have different sizes on offer. We would like to explain all available sizes here:

19cm narrow wrist: This bracelet is particularly small and is suitable for people with a wrist circumference of up to 17cm.

21cm normal wrist: This bracelet fits like a glove 80% of the time and is suitable for people with a wrist circumference of 17cm to 20cm

23cm large wrist: This bracelet is suitable for strong men and very large wrists, with a circumference of 20cm to 22cm this bracelet fits perfectly.

What do I do if I ordered the wrong size?

Whether the bracelet needs to be shortened or lengthened is not a problem for us. We have set up our resizing service for this. Please select the appropriate size adjustment and select your desired size as a variant, then place the product in the shopping cart and complete the order as usual.

You will then receive an e-mail from us with the relevant instructions for the process of resizing, you usually pack the bracelet securely and enclose a small piece of paper with your address data or order ID and send us the bracelet to Papasplatz, Hafenstr. 20, 59067 Hamm back.

How long does a resizing take?

The adjustment of your bracelet to your desired size takes a maximum of 4-6 working days, depending on the choice of shipping service provider. We will send the bracelet back to your address with a new DHL tracking number after it has been adjusted.

Why does the service cost money?

We have introduced this service at the request of many customers, as it is possible to get the wrong size despite careful consideration. However, since we have to break open the closed bracelet and replace it with a brand new one, have to pay for the return shipping with DHL and pay the workload of our workshop employees, we unfortunately cannot offer this service completely free of charge.


In 90% of the cases the bracelet fits like a glove after unpacking, if this is not the case we won't leave you out in the rain. To give you further support when choosing a size, we have set up a page where you can find out more about our available sizes. (determine size here)


Hallo ich hatte vor ungefähr einen monat einen armband für meinen mann bestellt jedoch hat er es gestern zum Geburtstag bekommen und leider ist es ihm immer noch zu klein obwohl ich schon die kleinste Größe gewählt hatte.. kann ich dass noch verkleinern lassen und wie viel würde es kosten ? Ich bedanke mich schon im Vorfeld liebe grüße Serafina Bove

serafina Bove May 22, 2023

Ich hatte ein Bead bestellt was an das vorhandene Armband soll schicke ich dies dann ein oder muss ich warten bis das Bead angekommen ist und dann schicke ich beides zusammen ein ?

Marie Niering May 22, 2023

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